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to Make Daily Life More Productive

  • We want to help you create and maintain a space that works efficiently for you and your family or business.

  • We can help you declutter, clean, and create a beautiful, organized environment to allow you do your best work and focus on your priorities.

What We Can Do for You


Stack of old clothes to discard (declutter) or keep. Recycle clothes, eco cotton

Decluttering & Organizing


Organizing Waste Storage at Home

Storage Solutions


It's moving day

Moving, Staging & Styling

Services and Pricing

  • Services are charged per hour with a 3-hour minimum. A $25 deposit is required.

  • All projects are customized to your needs and budget. You will be provided with a project proposal and estimate.

  • We aim to complete all projects within the estimated time and budget.

  • We can work with or without you present once purging and decluttering is complete.

Custom Storage Solutions

Keepsake Boxes

Organize, store, and protect childhood memories

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Baking ingredients in an organized kitchen pantry

Pantry Labels

Keep your pantry neat and products easily accessible

Coming soon!

Hand Holding Photos in a Box

Photo Boxes

Protect your photos and

create an organizing system

Coming soon!

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How many hours will organizing

my space take?

Small spaces like bathrooms or

pantries typically require 3 to 4 hours. Large spaces like closets and kitchens usually require

6 to 8 hours. Garages may require

8 or more hours depending on the

size and complexity. You will always receive a project proposal and estimate, and we strive to complete all projects within time estimate and budget.

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Are your services confidential? What if I do not want any photos shared?

Client confidentiality is a priority for our company and required as part of NAPO's code of ethics. We will always ask permission to take photos or videos, and we ask that clients sign a photo release form if you agree that we may use your photos on our website and/or social media. Even if we use your photos, we will never share your name or any other personal info.

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Will you require me to

purge all of my stuff?

We will never ask you to donate or throw away anything that you are not ready to part with. We will assist you in decluttering and subsequently organizing and storing your items based on your needs. We aim to create a system that works efficiently for you. There is no need to be worried about the amount of "stuff" in your space, we provide a no judgment zone and are eager to help!

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